Wanna learn to make doable life changes & teach others to do the same?

Join me in envisioning…

…empowered, activist community members working together to embody liberatory values

…groups taking collective action to uplift people and promote mutual aid networks

…the ability to trust yourself, communicate with confidence, and co-create the life and relationships you want

With so many crises both happening and on their way, the pace of change can seem stressful and overwhelming

When we spend so much time reacting to the next worst thing…

…we don’t have time to plan or implement the possible changes we want to make in our lives

Capitalism is designed to keep us isolated and confused while our labor and consumer power is exploited

The truth is, while we might be able to make some changes solo

–> The real transformation comes when we collaborate and cooperate 

And for that, we need skills

“I launched – and filled – my coaching business in less than a year!”

“I’d been dreaming of being a therapist for a long time, but the educational process seemed daunting in terms of both time and money. When I decided to become a coach, I searched through many programs, but didn’t find one that matched my values 

On the first call with Nancy, I knew that the Skills for Change Coaching Program was right for me. She believes in learning by doing, and I was quickly engaged in coaching first for practice clients and then for pay, even before I finished the whole program 

Now I am expanding my mediation offer for couples and families, and I’m pursuing continuing education in psychedelic therapies and how they support personal transformation 

The Skills for Change Coaching Program was the jumpstart I needed. Now, instead of wishing things were different, I’m living my dream life”

-P. David Stockhausen

Classes Include:

  • Self-Paced & Interactive Formats
  • Online Resource Library
  • Worksheets & Templates
  • Audio & Video
  • Action Learning Steps
  • “Reflect & Respond Exercises”

Self-Paced Classes

Title: Decision-Making Revealed against a starry night sky. Below title, a sign post with three arrows: "This Way", "That Way" and "The Other Way." Nancy Shanteau Coaching logo in bottom right corner.

Banish the A-G-O-N-Y of doubt-filled decision-making

Get instant access to this step-by-step guide


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Title: Rescue-Free Relationships. Illustration of hands and forearms with thumbs up and five fingers raised.

Stop over giving! Free yourself up for confident, cooperative relating

Get instant access to this 2-hour workshop


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Title: Cooperative Communication Online Program Level 1. Illustration of varied colors of hands from orange through burgundy, blue, and purple.

Speak your truth with vulnerability and compassion

Get instant access to 2+ hours of Action Learning Videos


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Image shows an illustration of a tree with red flowers against a multi-hued blue sky with a yellow sun in the top left corner. Title reads "Energy Awareness."

Our energy determines the quality of our life. Feel vibrant, connected and empowered!

Get instant access to 5 modules featuring guided audio practices


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An illustration of a rainbow of colorful raised hands with hearts in the palms. Title says "Relationship Anarchy: Free Introductory Webinar."

Co-create radical relationships that prioritize autonomy, creative customization, non-coercion and networks of mutual aid & care.

Get instant access to this 1-hour webinar


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An illustration showing hearts as people in various configurations of broken hearts and jealousy. The title "Understanding Jealousy" is in a pink transparent box, with the subtitle " A self-paced class." A triple spiral logo is in the bottom right corner.

Support the needs underneath your feelings so you can shift out of shame and into self-awareness and self-compassion

Get instant access to 4 “Reflect & Respond” modules


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Become a Radical Practitioner

Photo of three hands clasping at the wrist to form a triangle. Title says "Cooperative Communication Certification Program" and subtitle says "35-Hour Intensive Certification Program for Practitioners."
A photo of hands touching thumb to pinky in a circle with the sky in the background
A photo of many hands stacked on top of each other. A brown transparent rectangle shows the title "Coaches & Practitioners Working Group" with a triple spiral logo beneath.
An orange cartoon owl wearing glasses and waving says "this way" in a cartoon speech bubble. The title reads "Wise Adulting"
Trust Formula from Nancy Shanteau's Trust-Building Worksheet. Illustrations by Patrick Stein.

Get Your Copy of the Trust-Building Worksheet


 What happens when trust gets broken…

  • Understand what you want for next time
  • Protect yourself and support others
  • Move past distrust and disconnection, and...
  • Repair and reconnect!

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